MODELS: Rayana Benammar @twomanagementbarcelona Júlia Taulera @juliatauleera @franciamodelsPHOTO: Vinyet Feliubadaló @byvinyetSTYLIST: Pedro Perez @pe_perez FASHION DESIGNER: Queralt Orriols Guiu @lequeraltMUA: Elena López @loru.muaHAIR: Carla Valenzuela @by.carla._VIDEO: Jorge Silva @another_studio

Secret Garden

Remember Narnia?When Lucy accidentally entered an enchanted world when she went through the wardrobe.We had that exactly Narnia moment when we stepped into this flower shop that lies in the middle of the big road next to boring apartment houses. The backyard turned out to be a little paradise that was unlike any other flower […]

South by Southeast

Photo by Bastian Traunfellner   /// Style by Nicole Hannay /// makeup/ hair by Julia Koop ( /// model : Antonia form Vivienne Models Dress Fabienne Chapot; earrings: Vintage Blouse: Karen by Simonsen; Skirt: Ten Feet; Gloves: Roeckl; Hat: And other stories; Boots: Konstantin Starke Sunglasses: Christian Lacroix Vintage Faux Fur Jacke: Ten Feet Jumper: […]