Series of photographs that have grown very close to my heart the last few weeks. It is representing the modern, fun, confident, bold and strong young woman breaking the traditional standards which I think is important to embrace. The photoshoot took place in Brisbane, Australia with some very talented Brisbane artists.  Photo & styling by […]


FASHION PRODUCTIONS AD WorldStudio- @adworldstudio  PHOTOGRAPHER : Alberto Zaldívar- @albertozaldivar  ART DIRECTOR AND SYLIST Desirée Espinosa- @desireeespinosa_dh  MAKEUP ARTIST & HAIRSTYLE Saray Márquez- @saray_marquez_  @dprofessional_education  FASHION FILMS Fran Afán- @afanfilms  MODEL:  Patricia Pascaru- @patriciaap_02  STYLIST: Fernando Rueda- @fernandoruedar  MAKEUP ASSISTANT Elisa Alba- @elisaaalba  HAIRSTYLE ASSISTANT Esther García-@estherwigar96 

AMLE’ de Marisa Angelucci

By: Karine Patricola @thechicitaly Marisa Angelucci a fait de sa passion sa vie. Amlé, la marque de bijoux artisanaux qu’elle a créés, raconte un parcours fait de voyages, de recherches, de rencontres, de relations privilégiées et de passions. C’est une femme avec des valeurs solides mais ce qui la distingue, ce sont ses idées et […]


Featuring model Avery @fordmodels. Images captured by Emil Sinanagic. Konstantine Mironychev worked on hairstyling and flawless makeup, using YSL lipstick, Giorgio Armani foundation, MAC blush. This poetic synergy of blooms and flesh, agreeable dance of colors, and textures produced by nature to create this ultimate beauty.  PHOTOGRAPHER: EMIL SINANAGIC – CREATIVE SPACE ARTISTS MGMT  WARDROBE […]


In order to reinforce the position of the most privileged, society demands that you play the role that has been assigned to you solely because of the color of your skin. By contrasting the expectations placed on both black and white people, these photographs emerge as a social critique. Photography and Art direction: Débora Mir […]

La Collection Racconta de Marco Strano

By: Karine Patricola- @thechicitaly Le son des vagues, un jeu de lumière et d’harmonie. Racconta, la nouvelle collection 2021 de Marco Strano, a eu lieu dans un décor onirique sur l’une des plages les plus suggestives de la Sicile, Donnalucata. Les créations ont suivi le leitmotiv commencé l’année dernière, c’est-à-dire un mélange de matériaux pour […]

Elegant beauty

Elegance, brightness and sensuality, all enclosed in a glamorous make-up. She is the present day bride. Eyes intense and luminous just like the texture of her skin. Nude and glossed lips to give three-dimensionality, which turn red for a more daring bride. All with a natural light source and with a slight lightening with a […]


By: Karine Patricola- @thechicitaly A selection of exceptional shootings directed by Sarah Tonkin that enrich the dreamlike and the romantic universe of the wedding, magnifying silhouette that blend elegance and modernity with a crazy allure. L’interprétation de Sarah Tonkin Une sélection de photographies d’exception réalisées par Sarah Tonkin qui enrichissent l’univers onirique et romantique du […]

Take flight

Give life to the dreams you have hidden,. you will discover that you can live these moments. with open eyes and sleeping fears,. with closed eyes and awake dreams. Give life to your dreams even if they call you crazy.. Do not let them die of boredom, little by little.. Do not break their wings, […]


By: Karine Patricola- @thechicitaly Fashion designer: Elisabetta Delogu- @elisabetta_delogu_ CRISALIDE is a capsule collection made of fluid and adaptable garments, which pays great attention to harmony and details, always a stylistic signature of Elisabetta Delogu. Angelica Grivel Serra who gives the face to the advertising campaign interprets with grace and infinite poetry in the movements […]


By: Karine Patricola- @thechicitaly Fashion designer: Elisabetta Delogu- @elisabetta_delogu_ Elisabetta Delogu is the Artistic Director of her brand, advocates the Italian good taste, the elegance for a new contemporary bridal Design. Inspired by Sardinia and colors, Mediterranean culture, dresses are characterized by exceptional care for details. She puts on bridal world and special events, a new […]

Tidal Twin

Two halves, equal forces, like the moon and tide are drawn to one another. Playing with a palette of earth browns and sky blues, we layer textures of fabrics against those found naturally in the rocky landscape. Photographer: Emily Hlavac Green @emilyhlavacgreenFashion Stylist: Rachel Tubbs @_mr_tubbsMakeup and Hair: Nichole Servin @thenicholeservin Photo Assistant: Jennelle Fong @jennellefong Models: Trystin and […]