Marina von Lison

Who is Baroness von Lison?​

7 facts about the new MD of Elite Club World​

Elite Club World has confirmed that Baroness von Lison will be the new Managing Director.

While her responsibilities have yet to be published, she’s likely to take on many of those previously held by her husband Daniel Baron von Lison, who took on new responsibilities in the rapidly growing new businesses worldwide. 


Here’s what we know …

Baroness von Lison

1. She has been holding a Baroness title since 2018

Marina (born. Trenogina) became Baroness Miseroni von Lison when she said  “I do“ to Daniel Baron von Lison in 2018 in German Wiesbaden.

2. She was state-educated

Unlike her predecessor and husband Daniel von Lison, who went to private schools, Baroness von Lison was educated in the state system in Russia and afterwards in Germany.

She graduated from a State Pedagogical University in Russia (foreign language teaching), and then got a Master degree in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy with focus on Russia and the EU at the Bergische University Wuppertal in Germany.

3. She was a tutor in Kaliningrad, Russia

During her studies at the Pedagogical University, von Lison practised at foreign language teachning by educating and helping out school children by their German and English classes and developed her attachment for goodwill and charity.

Elite Club World
Managing Director.

4. She was previously a translator at Nintendo International

Von Lison became a Russian-English translator at the International Gaming Enterprise Nintendo in September 2010, with responsibility for a number of areas including education.

The position saw her take an active role at promoting new educational consoles at the Russian market.

5. She used to run the development sector at the Oil and Gas trading company

In 2013, von Lison changed the business activities area and became Development Manager for the Russian market  in Oil and Gas trading company - a position she held until 2020.

The challenging job foresaw an extensive business trips around Europe, Russia and West Africa which nowadays does not correspond with family values of von Lison anymore.

6. She has lived in Siberia and Königsberg( Kaliningrad)

Before becoming the Baroness, von Lison grew up and has lived in Siberia and the Russian exclave Königsberg between Lithuania and Poland, followed by 9 years of living in Germany. 

Von Lison maintains a special friendship with her Russian and German University professors.

7. She is a co-publisher of an annual Elite Club Magazine
Within the Elite Club World, von Lison´s debut as Managing Director was extensive work and supervision on the annual editorial for business leaders, members, and partners of Elite Club World and for all who tend to join the Luxury Networking society. Edition 2020 is a special issue dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Elite Club World and 255 years since the establishment of the Order of St. Stanislas under which high patronage the business club exists.