Social= business

By: Francesca Rossati   The new reality today provides for the integration of social media in their daily lives, those who have an activity must not forget the results that a page or a profile on social media can obtain, can obtain value and income. How is social media used? All the channels we know […]

Eco-sustainability in fashion system

By: Stefania Ponchione Ecology, eco-sustainability, eco-friendly biodegradability. What do they mean? The word ‘eco’ and ‘bio’ have now entered our daily life. But what relationship can fashion actually have with the environment? Who uses or used polluting materials? Which damage the environment and which may not have been made with recycled materials. We never know […]

Digital and physical: innovation or trend?

Milan Fashion Week ended just over a week ago and already screams transformation and revolution to the world. It as people change their way of living, reacting and interpreting that the soul of the fashion changes its expression.The strength of the entire Italian fashion system is confirmed by the “City of Fashion” themselves: while Paris, […]

Lady Di-or of Lady Di-ana

By Rebecca Bertotto Like any strong and independent woman, Diana Spencer, had a “handbag of the heart“, which she treated as her best friend. Lady Dior, is initially christened with the name of “Chouchou” and looks like a small and squared model, with rigid and rounded handles and a seam that forms particular motifs. But […]

Fluo colours appear again

In Paris, with Balmain fashion show, we see fluo colours again. The last Balmain show brings on stage some looks in fluo colours. These last render homage to the 90’s power dressing. The main colours we can notice are yellow highlighter and neon pink. Last year, another global luxury brand took on the runway fluo […]