The Escape was the greatest time of the year . Five girls just go to the place „moon”  forget just don’t wanna write the word ,what we wanna forget and enjoyed the time .Walk like more than hour to the destination …full of energy after months of lockdown we fly to the moon the free […]

The Perennial Kooks…

Age is just a number… Beauty is timeless.  There are no boundaries or limits to being who we want to be, only the internal chains that bind us within. Society wants us to be perfect, to hide the essence of time…   We will not hide. We embrace the ravages of time. Every line, every mark, every […]


Many memories do not have sound or melody but others do, in the facilities of the Bukowski house in Bogotá Colombia, Cataleya poses different outfits with history, for this editorial we use vitage costumes that help us to trace the sentimentality that we want to convey. Exclusively for Monaco Magazine, Cataleya moves away from the […]

The seductive horse whisperer

The inspiration for this shoot was to connect fashion with nature, capturing the unique beauty of colors blending into one another. another intention of mine was to include horses in the shoot since the model had expressed a fear of theam. with her willingness to confront that fear and our encouragement, we were able to […]


The inspiration of the shooting came from the movie by Luc Besson “The Fifth Element”. We loved the styling in the movie and the concept of boundaries between the real and the unknown linked to the personal psychological boundaries of oneself. We tried to translate these feelings through the styling and the textiles using leather […]


This project born from the desire for naturalness, the exaltation of simplicity that becomes authenticity withoutmystification. Since it is primary that whatever our appearance is, it is in accordance with the acceptance and love we feelfor ourselves. Only by loving who we are we can maximize our natural inner and outer beauty. Packaged by nature […]


MODEL: Sam Delat @sam.delaat @sightmanagement PHOTO: Vinyet Feliubadaló @byvinyet STYLIST: Alejandra Acosta @alejandr_____a ASSISTANT STYLIST: Queralt Orriols Guiu @lequeralt MUA & HAIR: Mabel Boon @mabelboon Dress: La Perla, top: Queralt Orriols, jewelry: Rabat Dress: Dior Vintage Veil: Alejandra Acosta, bra: Armani, overlay: Alejandra Acosta, robe: La Perla, jewelry: Suarez, ring: Thomas Sabo Dress: Viktor & Rolf, […]


This series of photographs focuses on the comparison between the photographer’s lens and the portrait subject. An exchange of poses and movements that are accentuated by the various changes of light on the scene. PHOTOGRAPHER: Giuseppe Vitale @aka_jamessMUA & HAIR: Francesca Errico @erricoframuaMODEL: Carmen Fernandez @carmenfernanndez @elite.milan@elitemodelworld Outif: Shirt Banana Republic, pants Zara, boots Dr.Martens […]

“New York State of Mind”

Girl who is frustrated by the Covid lockdowns, and decides to get dressed up in her NYC highrise and celebrate on her own! Photographer: Pablo Salazar @pablosalazarph MUA: Carla Tersini of Zenobia Artists Management Model: Quin Tana of @corwartistmanagement & @quintanahere  Wardrobe Stylist: Dash Armstrong @Dash_Armstrong Hairstylist: Allie J @everything_allie


From this place … A town from the South, on top of the mountain, removed from a “new normal” another perspective, a black hue and thinking in grayscale, without a defined color, but with the purest and most real meaning, diversity of tones , different customs, mixed feelings and mixed races. Mix of nature and […]