Selkie’s name identifies theriomorphic mythological creatures belonging to Norse mythology. According to legends, selkias live in the sea like seals, but are able to remove their coat to take on human form.

There are several legends about selkies but the most common stories revolve around female selkie characters whose cloak is stolen and are therefore forced to remain on the mainland. The mantle of the selkies is in fact the necessary element to transform themselves again into animals and return to the sea.

The story of a woman who is dragged by the currents towards the coast and strips off her cloak to take on human form.

PH: Alice Jankovic  – ig: alicejankovicphoto

STYLIST: Muci Wang -ig: wd_muci

MODEL: Anna Plodzisewska – ig: huldrabb


dress white: Alberto Zambelli earrings: Lost in echo

pants: Decadent factory earrings: Calchera