Your Billion $ Body Re-Designed

By: Julie Rammal.

International Celebrity Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Educator 

Your body is your luxury brand that can be easily designed to fit into the latest fashion trends plus look younger, slimmer, diminish cellulite and sagging skin with the secret celebrity Holistic Training methodology and luxury Golden Tiger jewelry line. This movement practice combines the best of every sport base available from history to modern times in as little as 10 reps per move!

The traditional way of fitness or sports training to work hard or do as many reps as possible can now be replaced by the new evolutionary Holistic training methods that are customized, reprogram, unblock, and honor exactly what your body needs to get you in perfect shape in no time. This workout system is so intelligent that it speaks a language that your body understands and quickly reacts to. It also empowers you, builds confidence, prestige and clients often get the 18k Golden Tiger Necklace and bracelet to add to their training workouts, fashionable design clothes and simply feel limitless everywhere and anytime.

This amazing training methodology focuses on sculpting and training your inner muscles to detox, burn fat, tone, lose weight, and create a temple body that shines everywhere you go. The training methodology is so powerful that results are seen in as little as 3 sessions, in 6 sessions a difference can be visibly seen while in just 20 sessions your new body starts to shine. 

For years personal, fitness, and sports training has primarily focused on training only the body, sometimes exempting breathwork, muscle control, emotions, mind work, and customized exercises that are adapted for the new era we are living in. Today we no longer work on fields, but in facts spend most of our hours on social media, computers, technology, eating or sitting. As a result, this has left many of us to struggle with stubborn fat such as lower belly fat, poor posture, aches and pains, weakened emotional, mental and physical strength, lack of self-control, discipline and turn to quick fix solutions such as surgeries etc…

The Holistic training methodology is the new evolutionary approach to workout in style and fashion in this era simply because it re-aligns and trains, unblocks, and re-connects your body and mind naturally in order to quickly get in shape with luxury and makes you love to move freely again. 

To further explain, many of us have what we call short circuits or blockages in the body which do not allow us to ever get perfectly fit, or struggle with metabolism, stubborn fat etc…Those short circuits can store emotional, mental and physical blockages that start from childhood and can overtake the adult body by the age of 30 if they are not cleared. The Holistic methodology clears those blockages, re-aligns you, re-programs and trains new muscles naturally, burns fat, tightens lose skin, and has over 100+ benefits.

Let’s explore a couple new Holistic moves to sculpt sagging arms, legs and lower belly fat, which are some of the most challenging physical areas to tone elegantly in today’s century.

Golden Legs

 Benefits: Strengthen and develop lean leg mass naturally, reduce leg and glutes cellulite, open chest, back, hips, breath.

To get started:

  1. Start from standing position and open legs around 3-5 feet apart depending on your height.
  2. Tuck right forearm behind your lower back, raise left arm diagonally naturally arch spine backwards.
  3. Take 2-3 deep breaths feeling your body expand and stretch.
  4. Bend your left knee to a low diagonal lunge placing left arm on floor in front of left foot, and reach right arm to a long diagonal angel overhead.
  5. Take 2-3 deep breaths and push left leg back up to position 2.
  6. Repeat 5-10 reps/ side gradually increasing reps. 

Tummy Tuck

Benefits: Tone core, arms, triceps, shoulders, legs.

To get started:

  1. Start from a low squat position with fingertips gently on floor. Relax shoulders, lengthen neck upward to a high diagonal.
  2. Slowly walk hands forward until wrist, elbow, shoulders are in full alignment, keeping toes curled away from wrists on the floor.
  3. Contract core, thighs, glutes and hold for 3-5 breaths as you push the floor away.
  4. Slowly walk hands back to position 1. 
  5. Repeat 10-12 reps while focusing on breath, alignment, and control.

Long Reach Core 

Benefits: Tone core, arms, thighs.

To get started:

  1. From seated position, extend left leg and right arm to a high 45 degree angle.
  2. Cross left hand over belly.
  3. Exhale, engage core, role down to back while simultaneously lowering right arm and left leg to floor, inhale role back up to position 1.
  4. Repeat 10 x per side.

Squat Role

Benefits: Tone Inner thighs, gluteus, legs, arms. 

To get started:

  1. From standing position, firm legs closely together, interlace hands.
  2. Slightly bend knees and round upper spine forward, exhale, position 1. 
  3. Inhale, squat deeper, firm inner thighs, core. Extend interlaced arms to a high 45 degree angle, position 2. 
  4. Repeat position 1 to 2 slowly, 10 reps. 

   Position 1 Position 2

The Holistic training methodology simply speaks a language that our bodies understand and is mixed with exercises that stretch, tone and firm you simultaneously. The stretching, breathing, martial art, primal movement, gymnastic base moves, body awareness and integration of alternative medicine in each movement improves emotional well-being, mind, discipline, and joy. 

Your body is a billion $ investment, invest, change, and re-align to a new you naturally.