Family Affair, a story of three brothers that live in a spooky mansion. Our characters have lost the notion of time and discover themselves through the relics and inheritances of their ancestors. As if it were a journey through the dreamlike and fantastic, our protagonists represent different personalities and times that make us think about the origins of clothing.

Words by Alejandra Lameiro:

Since I was a little girl I have played with my mother’s, my father’s, my grandmother’s, my uncle’s and even my cousins’ clothes and accessories. I love the stylistic game behind each of the pieces that make up a person’s closet. The way in which the image of them changes depending on who wears them, the moment and the final result, which sometimes, as if by magic, transforms into something different from the original idea, and even changes depending on the mood and the situation in which you wear them.

Fabrics breathe. Even the most stable ones give way to the body they cover, and use gives them character. I like to think that they come to you to stay, to share them or eventually give them to others, to see them again with new eyes, bringing them back to life.

I am attracted to the idea of rediscovering, with a mind free of aesthetic complexes or prejudices, something that for others has a history or connotations that can lead to rejection, disuse or simple abandonment. Something that nobody in your family wants, suddenly can become your best treasure.

This is the starting point with which I created a precious collection with a genderless base, in which inheritance and the collaborative concept take the garments from one hand to another. From your mother to your cousin. From your grandfather to your little sister. From your aunt to your mother. Pieces that are received with affection and reappear on the scene transformed, but without losing their essence.

In the same way, it is also a bet for a more sustainable consumption that has become a necessity, beyond an alternative. A bet that led me to use noble materials such as wool, cotton poplin or silk. They last and make time their best ally. The footprint of the days enriches them and gives them value.

PHOTOGRAPHY arancha brandón @arbricias 

DESIGNER & STYLIST alejandra lameiro @alexiiscolby @__eiro_

MODELS camen araujo @carmenaraujo, david pérez sotelo @davidperezsotelo, marcos do pazo @marcosdopazo, Inés Lameiro García y Josias Área García

PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT nuria villa @nurivilla 

FASHION ASSISTANTS sergio santiago @seersant, sandra casado @saancasado

BEAUTY bruna alana @brunalana_makeuphair

ATREZZO merce anleo @mganm

BRANDS clothes & accessories designed by alejandra lameiro, loewe vintage, ganni and birkenstock.