Imagine a world where everything is possible to create. It sounds like something that couldn’t possibly exist, but if you can feel deep down inside who or what you want to be (become?), then anything could be possible. 

As you can see, we have created our own playground jungle with no limits, becoming one with the sky and floating away with the clouds. 

A dress which turned into wings and gives you the experience of flying like a bird, climbing up trees like an animal. 

With our vision we can show that the possibilities come out of the little things, without taking life too serious. 

Dare to be yourself and never change your ways to fit in the expectations of the society.

Photographer/Art Director: M.Kwintera -@mkwintera

Model: Gabriela Maria Aleksandrowicz -@g.abriela.a

Designer and Creative Copywriter: NvdK Couture -@nvdkcouture

MakeUp Artist and Hair: Shannon Galore -@shannongalore