By: Angelina Kali @angelina_kali 

An aspect to all shopping that most people don’t really think about is that you are actually buying into someone else’s personality. Their designs may appeal to you and you may believe that it reflects your personality. But the aesthetics, functionality or colour schemes of the item have all been determined by someone else. How many times have you seen something that you really like but something wasn’t quite right like the dress could be a bit shorter, some detail was missing or you would prefer a different shade of colour.

The only way to ensure that what you wear reflects your personality one hundred percent is to make it bespoke. The same principles of haute couture apply to custom bespoke jewellery. You can decide or have an input into everything that goes into creating the item from concept to materials. The only drawback is the cost. But when acquiring higher value items, the cost of the bespoke process represents a much lower percentage of the total cost than lower value items so becomes less of an issue. Another aspect of jewellery is that if you include rare precious gems, it can also represent a solid investment as quality stones are always in demand and have risen considerably in value even during economic downturns.

There are three major considerations to take into account when making a custom-made piece of jewellery:  design, cost and investment. Most bespoke jewellers will only focus on the first two whilst omitting the investment part. The exception is Iwa Jewels who have elevated the entire bespoke process to a whole new level. Before making any decisions, clients of Iwa Jewels have access to expert gemmologists and precious gem market specialists. They also organise regular seminars on investing in diamonds. Their modus operandi is to ensure that all their clients have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the bespoke jewellery process.

Once a client has made the decision to proceed, you are assigned a Personal Jeweller who will provide guidance on your concept, design, gems and budget. You will be able to personally view and select the gems that will used in creating your unique hand-crafted piece of jewellery. Iwa Jewels specialises in valuable rare and high quality gems. Flawless fancy coloured diamonds such as exceptional large pink and canary yellow diamonds have soared in value. As these are so rare, they are not only excellent assets to store value and protect against inflation but have also provided strong returns on investment as they can’t be printed on a massive scale like money.

For those who can afford it, custom bespoke jewellery delivers on so many fronts. Firstly, as a means of investment, especially when incorporating large and large precious gems. Secondly, at an aesthetic level, you will get exactly what you want and many years of enjoyment wearing it. And if you ever change your mind, Iwa Jewels will reset the gems into a new design. Unlike many other expensive assets such as an expensive car that mainly depreciate in value and sizeable maintenance costs, a bespoke piece of jewellery is unique, easily transferable asset and makes such an impact when worn.

If I ever won the Euromillions, I would definitely make a beeline to Iwa Jewels to make my dreams come true.