“The nature of a woman. Nature and Woman. Nature. Woman. We tried to separate these words, but again and again, they merge into those great and significant words – the nature of a woman. 

Is it possible to single out any one beauty in nature and in a woman at birth, youth, maturity and withering ?! 

We wanted to show that a woman,like nature, is beautiful at any stage of her life, so we chose the brightest and purest colors – white and gold, light fabrics and complex textures, flying, stately and broken poses, by which you can guess,if our heroine is still young or mature.

But there is a thin thread of greatness that goes from one frame to another, praising the woman and her nature.”

Model: Irina Vishnevskaya @airin_vishneskaya

Stylist: Renata Vasileva @renatavvv

Makeup and hair artist: Karina Markina @hz_karina

Photographer: Aigyul Khusainova @foto.felt