The most famous among the traditional folk entertainers, who appear in the Persian streets in the days preceding Nowruz. He colors his facce as black and wear red, entertains passers- by by singing traditional songs and dancing and playing his tambourine. 

Apparently he did not show up this year because of the pandemic. So Nana decided to be her own Haji Firuz. Wearing her red dress and dance in her balcony with a bunch of flowers to celebrate the spring. 

Photographer: Alessandro Vergata @alessandro_vergata 

Stylist: Sara Behbud @Sara.behbud 

Make up & hair stylist: Benedetta di Furia @benni.dif

Talent: Nana @nyabaidoo from agency: @thewolvesmodel 

Art director: Sara Behbud @Sara.behbud 

Boa: Gianfranco Ferre 

Vintage de @lamodadegliusi by Sabrina Bossetti – Dress: Dior – Cloak: Valentino 

Jacket: Antonia Fusco – Suit: Giulia Barbieri 

Dress: Cacharel – Belt: Giulia Barbieri

Shirt: Cicci Poletti 

Shirt: Valentino – Body: Giulia Barbieri

Boa: Gianfranco Ferre – Coat: Giulia Barbieri – Shoes: Mariparmi