In order to reinforce the position of the most privileged, society demands that you play the role that has been assigned to you solely because of the color of your skin.

By contrasting the expectations placed on both black and white people, these photographs emerge as a social critique.

Photography and Art direction: Débora Mir @deboramir.photography Styling coordination: Sergio Serrano @dallasproject
MUAH Artist: Sandra Gascón @miss.gascon
Models: Martina and Mbafily from Blow Models @blowmodels Collaborating Showrooms:
Marc Juan Comunicación @marcjuancomunicacion
Chic Showroom @3chicshowroom
Blend Showroom @blendbcnshowroom
Ardenuy Press @ardenuy_press
Styling collaboration with EATM Escuela de moda @eatm_escuelademoda @oriolsimon99 @suhailariahi @xaviobo

Dress ‘Bernarda’- Jewels ‘Fernando Rodríguez’

Top ‘Georgiela Studio’- Dress ‘Babbaki’ – Jewels ‘PDPAOLA’

Top ‘Mus & Bombon’- Pants ‘Georgiela Studio’

Top ‘Paris Rodríguez’ – Dress ‘Loreine’

Top, shirt & pants ‘Paris Rodríguez’ – Dress ‘Loreine’ – Jewels ‘Fernando Rodríguez’

Dress ‘Luís Pacheco’ – Jewels ‘PDPAOLA’

‘Loreine’ total outfit – Jewels ‘Fernando Rodríguez’

Kimono & top ‘American Vintage’ – Shirt & pants ‘Yerse’