A spark of mutual appreciation and admiration for each other’s creations, soon developed into a vision of a photo series combining the perspectives of BANG BANG BLOOM, Lisa Leuchtmann and Studio Jiro.
Their common preference of colors, opposing materials, fluid forms and a process, which allows development `to go with the flow` and responds to a specific context and space – is the connection between the three women.

Bold colors encounter faded colors,
discoballs end up in a former freight elevator,
shiny surfaces , metallic materials, fun vintage fabrics, iridescent textures and pastel-colored baby ́s breath result in a synthesis of contrasts.
This fusion shifts the cold abandoned industrial surrounding into a romantic, urban scenery or even an artificial landscape – beyond conventional stereotypes and gender limits.

Art Direction & Set Design: BANG BANG BLOOM & Lisa Leuchtmann Photograph: @lisaleuchtmann
Floral Design: @bangbangbloom
Fashion Design: @studio_jiro

Models: Katrin Franziska @katrnfranziska Miriam @frau.gustel