Bye-Bye, 2020

Maria has a vivid colourful soul with an energic personality full of  joy and kindness. From the moment I met her, I knew that I wanted to shoot something special with her and few years later, the magic happened. This editorial is a expression of gratitude and excitement for being alive and healthy in such bizare circumstances caused by this pandemia. We celebrated a new beginning, the beginning of the end . Hopefully, 2021 might have greater plans for us. 

Photographer’s Name: Roxana Neacsu @cocoroxie 
Model’s Name: Eva Maria Balan @evamariabalan

Stylist: Flaviana Isachi @flaviana_is

Make-up artist: Malvina Isfan @malvina_isfan

Hairstylist: Andreea Constantin @andreeaconstantinhair

Clothes: @luneatmidnight / @chaotic.clothing

Headpiece: @mariapalaria

Shoes: @inspiring_lux

Studio: @convergentstudiorio

City, Country: Bucharest, Romania