Roberto Guarducci has a long and brilliant career to his credit. 

Tuscan by birth, he has a very respectable curriculum vitae in the field of fashion. After attending many fashion houses between Rome and Milan, he acquired considerable experience in the sector by experimenting his creative skills within very important companies of the caliber of Basile and Luciano Soprani to later land in the Maison Fendi in Rome where he actively collaborated. also with the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld, for over twenty years until 2003.

One of the great artists with whom he has collaborated include also the costume designer famous stage and film Piero Tosi which, together with s ignore Fendi , asked him to recreate the costumes already in use in the film’s “La Traviata” – by Giuseppe Verdi, directed by maestro Franco Zeffirelli – and also some clothes worn by actress Silvana Mangano in the film “Family group in an interior” by director Luchino Visconti, with whom Fendi had collaborated in the creation of fur accessories for a television program of the Rai.

During the period he worked for Fendi, the fashion designer followed the creation of the fashion shows of the famous fashion brand in the official calendar of the most important events of Italian fashion such as “Woman under the Stars”, which was broadcast live in the summer from the staircase of Trinità dei Monti in the Spanish Steps in Rome.

In the Maison Fendi he had the opportunity to confront himself from handbags to fur and clothing (scarves, swimwear and accessories of various kinds ). It saw the company grow from a family level to maximum industrialization until 1999, when it was sold to a French multinational (owners of Louis Vuitton).

Over the twenty years spent in Rome , Guarducci also had the opportunity to know and appreciate – through these professional experiences and photo shoots – the most important international top models of those years who paraded for the Maison Fendi such as Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christie Tarlington, Clarissa Burt, Claire Aktinson, Ines de la Fresange, Dalma Callado, Yasmine Gaudi, Lee Skelton, Iman, Munia and many others.

In 1989 he was also involved as a costume designer in the creation of the clothes in the film “L’amico Arabo” by director Carmine Fornari, which had Luca Barbareschi among the main actors. The film was shot in the main cities of Tunisa and in the desert of Sahara.

After having gained the right experience over time, experimenting with his professional and artistic skills, it was very natural for him to develop the desire to create the brand that would bear his name and the creation of his brand.

This is how the Roberto Guarducci brand was born.

His signature brand clothing collections d ell ‘ High Fashion enclosing each of his creations all the qualities of style, elegance, femininity, sophistication and class that esaltan or the image of the new romantic woman.

Dresses with an elegant allure of incomparable glamor, recovering the vocabulary of true beauty, so as to give it the right value.

In the various collections, the designer follows a single common thread, dressing women in a sophisticated and sensual way, with dresses with a linearity and a feminine and refined style, rich in unusual and elegant shapes.

One of the most representative dresses of her collections is called “The Angel Bride”, as a symbol of the idealization of aesthetic purity and supreme femininity.

The creative inspirations to which he refers for his clothes can be of various kinds but the pictorial art of the artists of Art Nouveau and Art Dèco are for him an inexhaustible source of emotions and therefore of aesthetic ideas fundamental to his ideal of aesthetic research and experimentation.

Her clothes are aimed at a woman who is aware of her personality, her physical and aesthetic characteristics and who wants to make the most of her femininity with refined elegance.

His figure as artistic director is also consolidated in various events and fashion shows such as the Matera Fashion Award and in particular for the great High Fashion event “La Magia delle Muse” of which he is the creator and promoter, whose goal is to highlight the enhancement of beauty through fashion, culture and art in all its expressions.

Now in its seventh edition with great acclaim, since the first year “The Magic of the Muses” takes place in the great Hall of Mirrors of the Union Circle of the Petruzzelli Theater in Bari. The S wing is frescoed by the splendid paintings of the artist Armenise, which decorate the hall and represent the inspiring Muses of Beauty and Art, in a context of large mirrors and gilded stuccoes, with precious crystal chandeliers.

The well-known Glamorous Event, over the years, has seen nationally and internationally famous stylists such as Gianni Molaro, Nino Lettieri, Franco Ciambella, Carlo Alberto Terranova Sarli New Land, Michele Miglionico and many other well-known personalities of the show and fashion, talented young people that are emerging in the world of fashion and design with their brands and young people studying in prestigious schools m hear how the Sitam Academy.

However edizion and is awarded the “The Muse of the Year” award to Excellence fashion, journalism, cinema, culture, art and show full, or, that it became known / a particolarmen you distinguish in his profession .

In addition to the Haute Couture event “The Magic of the Muses”, the designer is also the creator and artistic director of “The Magic of the Sirens” which has been taking place for some years in the summer headquarters of the Circolo Unione.

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