The Silk Road. Day and night.

The Silk Road, a long road stretching thousands of kilometers in space and hundreds of years in time.
Sand dunes, disappearing mirages, rocky mountains, beautiful oases, bazaars, camel caravans, and most importantly, the meeting of civilizations and cultures, the acquaintance of East and West.

The Great Silk Road, for the first time in the history of mankind, in the vast expanses from the Mediterranean to the Pacific Oceans, connected countries and people, linking their cultures.

Along the way cities and entire civilizations arose, flourished, and devastated.

Combining the traditions of the East and West, the Great Silk Road introduced entire civilizations, united their cultures.

Alsu builds her way through her roots. She, as a Tatar, projects the East culture to the European fashion, creating a strong connection between the two civilizations. That’s why she calls her way and collection “The Silk Road” thus she links East and West as the Silk Road did in the past.

Creative Director & Stylist: Yulia Vishnyakova @yulia_vishhyakova
Photographers: Arevik Aloyan @allo.arev & Lena Van @lena_van_
MUAH: Evgeniya Dezhurova @dezway_makeup
Model and Fashion Designer: Alsu Biriukova @bloombia
Clothes and Set:
Silk clothes: Bloombia @bloombia
T-Shirts and white trousers: Dream on… @store.dream.on
Shoes: Zara @zara
Rings: Monsoon @monsoon
Accessories and decor: Dom Predmety @dom_predmety
Eyeshadows and Artistic Watercolor: Make Up Atelier @makeupatelier_russia
Eyeliner: Inglot @inglotrussia
Mascara: Catsmong @catsmong_korea
Location: Blackbox @blackbox_expo