She is a participant in a TV program from Ukraine, a country that is a bit homophobic, but she fearlessly came to appear to be able to fight for her award as a modeI believe in her, because she represents us. In it I have seen a woman with Hispanic features. And I believed in her and I saw in her Frida Cahlo, strong and renewed transgender Frida Cahlo. The whole idea and organization was the author and photographer Oleksandr McQuartz.

Direction & Photo : Oleksandr McQuartz @oleksandrmcquartz
Model: Sofi Beridze @sofiberidze
Style: Kristina Yakoviv @khrystyna.style
Mua : Natalia Skakun @natasha_with_
Assistant 1: Ania Liashuk @ann_liashuk
Assistant 2: Ania Kakhiani