It’s iconic: Teddy coat

By: Francesca Rossati

Red or pink, blue or powder blue, in tartan, houndstooth or two-tone .. what’s the trend of winter? The Teddy Coat !!!

Wraps, keeps warm and completes outfits.
The name to pay homage to and that wins the credit is Max Mara, the brand in 2013 decided to present it on the catwalk and gets positive feedback during all the following years.

Chiara Ferragni in Teddy Max Mara

From 2013 onwards, most brands presented it in their fall / winter collections, long, short, with hood, with zip, visible buttons, hidden buttons, and a thousand other variations.

Hailey Bieber in Bottega Veneta

It has had great success thanks to the choices of fabrics and materials: eco-fur and bouclé wool, have been very popular choices in the fashion industry.
A first impact the sense of softness of the Teddy make it aesthetically very beautiful.
It was produced in many variations, in many colors and sizes, so sales have increased.
The Teddy, which resembles a teddy bear (teddy, in fact), adapts and adapts to different types of tastes and styles, is versatile and is easy to combine with many clothes and outfits. It is perfect with trousers but also with skirts or short dresses, midi skirts or longuette; the combination of soft / heavy fabric and light fabrics is super trendy!
Also worn with a colorful jogger and sneakers, the Teddy completes the outfit and gives 100 points more.
The fit is excellent, even if it can appear bulky the Teddy makes every movement comfortable and simple, almost not to feel it on the shoulders.

The ecological choice as well as being ethically right was the most appropriate marketing strategy for the period of change and progress for the eco and animal friendly world.
While celebrities wear it on a daily basis and help us get ideas for new combinations, the brands always offer new variations and create different versions for each collection.

Blake Lively

Even fast fashion offers it in several versions and therefore it is not difficult to buy one, it is important to enlarge your search and find the right garment for our purchase budget.
The iconic Teddy Coat by Max Mara exceeds 1500 euros but if you look around you can find them at low cost … the proposals by Zara are trendy, the colors are many and within 100 or 200 euros you can take them home a breathtaking Teddy.

Emily Ratajkowski in I.AM.GIA

From the same price family, H&M also offers different versions, the colors are always many and the beige are the best sellers, for those who love to be iconic in addition to having to choose it with lapels, they will have to opt for the camel color, followed by all the pastel colors and finally black, a must.

The cuts are many and it is an item of clothing that is good for different types of physicality, it hides a lot, so the result is the same on every type of body, shape or size.
Leaving aside these small details, the important thing, as always, is to feel unique and at ease, but if you love fashion and follow the trends in your wardrobe, this year’s Teddy coat cannot be missing.