Social= business

By: Francesca Rossati  

The new reality today provides for the integration of social media in their daily lives, those who have an activity must not forget the results that a page or a profile on social media can obtain, can obtain value and income.

How is social media used?

All the channels we know if we use them with strategy and with set objectives help us to obtain profits and great results.

The first step is to find expert consultants or agencies and with them establish the social media marketing strategy that best suits your business.

Our business must be visible on social media and on the web!

If the Instagram and / or Facebook page is visible and followed it will be trusted!

Social media are the new business cards.

Using the web for your own profit makes our project and our business grow.

Thanks to the possibility of getting in touch with your favorite shop at an incredible speed and distance, the “virtual windows” are clicked every minute by thousands and thousands of people, from the comfort of the sofa at home.

Creating compelling content increases visibility and thus increases product monetization.

The management of Social pages is essential, it is important that they are managed by social media marketing professionals who will create a business that did not exist before.

Since Mark Zuckerberg also bought Instagram, there are more benefits thanks to the brand new novelties and features and Instagram has become the most productive social media platform for advertising companies and various businesses.

On Instagram we can follow influencers and bloggers, they are essential for advertising; it takes a few publications and a few stories to get your products seen and clicked by 50% more by the community. If the number of followers increases, the chances of sales increase and so do the new potential buyers.

In short, to win the attention and time of users, it is essential to respond to the requests of our followers.

If the store or brand respects these rules, the user will reward it:

will look for more information every day, will visit the site and in 50% of cases will buy online or offline.

Increasing sales means increasing followers, the community grows and your sales potential folds.

Instagram is an immediate social, and short comments make it very intuitive, messages and comments become slogans for advertising purposes.

If you are a brand or store owner, you need to consider the many benefits of social media.

It is also important to create a company profile, to monitor the profile statistics and the progress of your posts.

The realization of sponsored promotional campaigns will allow to monitor the progress of investments.

Since 2017, half of the percentage of turnover has come from purchases made via smartphone: more than one sale in 4 takes place via mobile.

According to Google before making purchases, 42% of people do a search on Instagram or Facebook to make an assessment.

The number of followers is the true demonstration of your monetization, increasing the number of followers means increasing actual sales: once you reach 10,000 followers, the stories can have a link connected to your e-commerce, website or any sales channel useful for your business.

So how important is social media to your store or brand? The answer is: they are very important.