The sound of emptiness

This small editorial is closely linked to a video project for social channels entitled “The Noise of the Void”. Marco Ferrero (Iconize) and Francesca Goglio participated in the video in the role of two people sharing a relationship that went up in smoke. The video wants to underline how the disappointments deriving from the end of toxic relationships provoke a sort of unbridgeable void, a deafening void that imprisons us in a vicious circle made of self-harm, melancholy, suffering and idiosyncrasy. However, these delusions can also have a negative and positive effect, which is to push us to open our eyes and love ourselves more rather than continuing to hurt ourselves for someone who is hurting us.
During the shooting of the video, Iconize allowed to be photographed, and thus a service connected to the videographic project was created, which captures situations of euphoria and apparent happiness with situations of suffering, loneliness and anger.

Photograph: Giuseppe Leto @giuseppeleto_
Model: Marco Ferrero: @iconize
Make-up Artist: Caterina Carruozzo @carruozzocaterina
Stylist: Francesca Goglio @babybinside
Location: Agorà Palace in Biella
Video: Francesca Goglio e Stefano Foglia @babybinside & @ste_foglia