The Escape was the greatest time of the year .

Five girls just go to the place „moon”  forget just don’t wanna write the word ,what we wanna forget and enjoyed the time .Walk like more than hour to the destination …full of energy after months of lockdown we fly to the moon the free world!

I had a dream a vision the first photoshoot at the „MOON” with colorful fashion.

Who knows in this world our planet maybe we need the new destination?

„Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus”

So lets go to the Moon….

Photographer: M.Kwintera @mkwintera
Model: Mia @mirrorandstars 
Model: Gabriela Maria Aleksandrowicz
All Design and Styling: Natalie van de Klashorst  @nvdkcouture
Makeup: Hanna – Grete Äkke @makeupartisthg