Trends to wear (at home) for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

By: Francesca Rossati 

Trends to wear (at home) for Christmas and New Year’s Eve
And here we are finally at the gates of Christmas and the long-awaited New Year.
For fashion lovers, accessories and clothes are also the protagonists of the holidays in this period.
Will fashionistas and fashion victims sport the long-awaited New Year’s outfit this year?
Maybe at home? Or maybe they will give up?
Whether it’s Christmas or New Year’s Eve, just pay attention to the small details that remind us of the party atmosphere to create the perfect outfit, even in the living room!
This year the Ferrari red will be abandoned by many and a more elegant version will be opted for: blood red or burgundy.
Total black, which no one is missing in the wardrobe, could be our final choice; but if the lights of the fireworks or the crystals of the restaurant chandeliers cannot be reflected on our sequins, what will be the replacement choice this year?
Evaluating the trends proclaimed by Fashion Week, gold and silver are not lacking, and the style of the 20s dresses: fringes, lengths and light in every point represent one of the most chic trends to choose from.

Velvet ranks among the top spots for New Year’s Eve 2021 as well.
Whether it’s black or purple, the important thing is that they are dark tones, the shades of red are obviously implied!


The miniskirt this year would seem to hardly exist anymore, yes, sales of miniskirts have fallen by almost 80%.
Longuette skirts, midi and long to the feet prevail, the reason is that they are more suitable for a New Year full of comfort ?!
The inspirations of the men’s wardrobe are also trendy:
super trend for this New Year’s Eve is the dress consisting of jacket and trousers in black to be worn with a white shirt, a true imitation of the tuxedo cleared by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966, the one who revolutionized the stylistic canons by taking from man and giving to woman a revolution.
A perfect outfit to replace the classic mini dress is therefore the tuxedo, a fabulous alternative at a time when there is a need to remember the good times and inventions that have totally changed the sense of fashion, such as that of the great couturier and designer of the 900.

And instead for those who love comfort, why not take advantage of it in a period like this?
It is the perfect time, and you can create a trendy and suitable alternative to the party to be warm and very comfortable.
Knitted co-ordinates are the must-have of winter so why not ride the wave and indulge yourself with wool and all the warmer hands of knitwear.
Crop top and cardigan paired with jeans or we can choose the most complete outfit: sweater and trousers in the same knitwear and same tone or even sweater and longuette.

Top e Cardigan by Zara

The skirts are of a thousand variations, shorter, longer, straight, flared, adherent; as long as the password is knitwear.
For those who also refuse a skirt or dress because they want to be 100% comfortable, they can wear a suit with trousers, flared, wide or shorts.

Outfit by HM

And if the warmth of the knitwear does not remind us of New Year’s Eve, why not opt for versions with lurex thread to be bright.
To get even closer to the New Year tradition, you can combine the softness of knitwear with some details that embellish the whole. Just some jewels, a shiny shoe or some accessory (metallic or shiny) and it’s New Year right away.

Prabal Gurung

And if we are also fed up with the stiletto heel and sequins this year, they can be avoided because not creating a trendy outfit and abandoning all these superfluous “rules” of the “party” dress and enjoying the diversity of this year’s celebrations. !