Many memories do not have sound or melody but others do, in the facilities of the Bukowski house in Bogotá Colombia, Cataleya poses different outfits with history, for this editorial we use vitage costumes that help us to trace the sentimentality that we want to convey. Exclusively for Monaco Magazine, Cataleya moves away from the essence of beauty pageants and returns to her role as a professional model.

In front of the lens of the Venezuelan Elys Berroteran, she travels the rooms of the house allowing herself to be captured by the camera as … a sublime melody.

Photographer ELYS BERROTERAN @Elysmcm
Model CATALAYA CANDELO @catalaya_candelo
Agency PERFIL CLASS @modelaje_perfilclass
Fashion : ANN ONG  @ANN_ONG_  
Brand VALU VINTAGE @valu.vintage LILI CASTRELLON @lilicastrellonql  

Location El Bukowski @elbkw