The inspiration of the shooting came from the movie by Luc Besson “The Fifth Element”. We loved the styling in the movie and the concept of boundaries between the real and the unknown linked to the personal psychological boundaries of oneself. We tried to translate these feelings through the styling and the textiles using leather bondage items and latex ones.

Photographer: Giulia Vulcano

Makeup Artist: Beatrice Muller

Model: Noemi Ercolani  (11:11 Management)

Stylist: Alessia Petruolo

latex pants: Deapagana  

dress: art259

Leather choker: Rhea Saturnine

t-shirt: Es’ giviaen

dress: art259

leather harness: Rhea saturnine

dress: art259

crop sweater: Fila

latex body: Dea Pagana

latex bra and gloves: Deapagana

skirt: Fila