Let’s talk about style… all the secrets of Lady Diana

By: Francesca Rossati 

Lady Diana, undisputed icon of style, personality and morality lives in the hearts and wardrobes of all of us.

Her “maiden” spirit and princely charm have been and are points of inspiration for huge numbers of styles and trends.

Her death, which occurred more than 23 years ago, left in the world a void that is difficult to overcome as well as an atmosphere and a perception between the dream of many and reality.

The princess, the lover of fashion, has always avoided the strict labels and rules imposed on the Court, going against the stereotypes imposed by the Royal family have made her a true Fashion Victim.

Lady Diana in Gianni Versace

All the stylists wanted to dress her and she began to experiment, always in harmony, in the world of fashion.

In this period Diana Spencer met Gianni Versace and the lines she wore before begin to change; in addition to daring with lowered necklines and heels never worn before, Diana shows her sensuality with great elegance.

Lady Diana in Gianni Versace

Dior creates Lady Dior in her honor and Tod’s releases its famous D-Bag and the rubber moccasins that dress it on different occasions.

 If we like to mix but maintain elegance, Lady Diana is our inspiration.

For example, everything that is sporty but far from actual sport is Diana’s idea first and foremost: gym cyclists, worn with oversized sweatshirts, combined with trendy sneakers and big brand bags is certainly one of the outfits most attributable to the princess.

The sporty chic version proposed by Lady D is the must of the moment.

She used to wear fluo, pink (his favorite color) or white cyclists, maxi sweatshirt, often belonging to and representing some university, socks and white sneakers.

All accompanied by one of her representative bags: Dior, Tod’s, Gucci, Hermès and so on… and finally sunglasses.

It seems the description of an outfit taken as a sample on the streets of our cities, but no, it is just her, the Princess of dreams.

Like many of us, Lady D loved to change shoes from one style to another.

In the first official appearance with Carlo, Diana wears the iconic Hunter, worn with red stockings that cover her pants.

The Hunter, today, represent the trend, together with all those that are rigid and below the knee boots that resemble the famous “rain” boots.

Carlo, Diana wear Hunter with red sock. 

She also loved wearing décolleté, Chanel’s two-tone model was her favorite, iconic for the brand that Lady D wore with dresses and suits.

Diana two- tone in Chanel. 

The famous white sneakers were in her wardrobe, as in each of us. While she wore her sneakers with lisle socks we wear them with patterned socks or socks from some streetwear brand.

Lady D and white sneakers. 

And then again the moccasin worn with patterned cigarette trousers, such as tartan, Vichy, etc. .. the Texan that she combined with a masculine-cut blazer and Mom jeans, shoes or sandals with heels to match the suit and the famous Superga in canvas.

Her sophisticated and current outfits are the representation of our trends.

Her wardrobe seems to have been selected and put up for sale on our e-commerce: the high waist that returns to jeans, the colored Turtleneck sweater, the oversized sweatshirt worn with a patterned skirt, the abysmal difference between the weights of the fabrics …

lady D wears moccasins, vichy trousers and strawberry-colored sweatshirt

Even the light and colorful patterned dresses, the Rouches and the flounces that characterize them.

Diana Spencer combines the sweater with the patterned skirt, coordinated sock

It seems to swipe on the page of Zara!

Her outfits, with opposite styles, her wardrobe and her charm are the secrets to take inspiration from.

Heel coordinated with the pattern of the dress

Her style walks among us.

In the morning it is the voice of Lady Diana that suggests the outfit to wear.