Childrenswear, spokesperson for messages and styles.

By: Francesca Rossati.

Childrenswear: a word, a concept, an essential content.

While the trade for men’s and women’s fashion is at a standstill and those who sell clothing and / or accessories have pulled down the shutters to the customer, children’s fashion continues.

Yes, all the shops that sell items for girls and boys continue to do business.

Because yes, the need is varied for parents struggling with their slightly younger children, and it is great for the brands that deal with them.

It is an organ, a world on par with everything related to the world fashion system.

The support from the founding brands of fast fashion is essential: Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and so on… Which make the difference, just like they do for adults.

Uniqlo, gender free

Social networks are also digital editorials for childrenswear where more or less famous mothers publish their children’s outfits, creating inspiration for the rest of the public.

Celinununu, gender free

It is an expanding world, and given the continuous growth, it is easier for brands to find a space among others and try to establish themselves.

Abercrombie & fitch, gender free

The gender free has made children’s fashion collections more sought after and desired, it is important not to create clothes that are connoted by the gender of children, but it is essential to present transversal, homogeneous and neutral collections.This brand new trend dissociates itself from all the labels and stereotypes the world doesn’t need.

John Lewis, gender free

It is wrong to define the trend as a sales strategy without any purpose, it is about taking steps towards the future, or rather, realizing that some topics should not even be a reason for discussion.

The elimination of sexist stereotypes in adult fashion is finally happening for children as well.

This change of perspective is mandatory, it is necessary to take into account the small age’s client and the sensitivity that his growth and affirmation in the world needs.

The gender free trend is a mission that has achieved goals and results for some time.

A way of dressing that becomes a way of being and a new way of thinking that emancipates itself once again in the world of fashion.

What exactly is gender free?

It is a concept that goes beyond the word unisex: the term that during the 1960s was inspired by garments that detached themselves from the working class to catapult into fashion weeks, composing outfits that could be shared between him and her.

John Lewis, gender free

The term Agender affirms the absence of gender, and eliminates the idea that the dress belongs to the man rather than to the woman, abandoning any kind of discrimination.

Having finally removed the preconceptions, there remains the absolute freedom to choose one’s own style and garments based on taste.

Collection zara

How is children’s fashion affirmed in these terms?

The collections feature various colors, simple lines, minimal cuts, but above all patterns, much appreciated by the little ones, with multiple and colorful illustrations.

Boboli, 90° Pitti kids

Cuts adaptable to any type of preference, little visible seams, and comfort for everyone.

Boboli, 90° Pitti kids

Knitwear remains in the foreground and presents inlays with a thousand tastes.

In addition to giving importance to the freedom of one’s being without hindering its path with glitter and fairy worlds for girls and illustrations of cars and toy soldiers for boys, it normalizes the idea (from the roots) that there are no “female dresses” and “dresses by males “.

Boboli, 90°  Pitti kids

However, the brands choose to give space also to the classic girls and boys collections.

The trend of the little ones who look like the big ones, in terms of style, is also confirmed for 2021.

Tuc tuc, 90° Pitti kids

Childrenswear winks at adult trends, utility details, coats and rigorous lines.

Amaya, 90° Pitti kids

The fantasies are many and prints and prints often prevail all over of an adult character. Pied de poule, tartan, vichy, tweed, tartan, stripes and then again the materials: boiled wool, yarns, the touch of corduroy and the teddy that we like so much for our outerwear in winter.

Apartment, 90° Pitti kids

Particular attention is also paid to sustainable materials and technical and innovative fabrics.

Stella McCartney Kids

And then the social issues, of which even children become spokespersons, such as the battle in favor of animals.

Or the warm colors and tones of nature that cry out “save the planet”: a message from the ecological movement and inspiration for the very young Greta Thunberg.

Fendi kids 

There is a lot of personality, a free style that everyone really likes.

It could be a message of safeguarding the environment or a thought that communicates the importance of self-expression.

In any case they are strong messages, to be spread and brought to adults!

Baby Dior