From this place …

A town from the South, on top of the mountain, removed from a “new normal” another perspective, a black hue and thinking in grayscale, without a defined color, but with the purest and most real meaning, diversity of tones , different customs, mixed feelings and mixed races.

Mix of nature and crafts, work and dedication of different artists, uniting their knowledge or feelings without any type of individualism, all black and white all the same, but today with some nuance.

FASHION PRODUCTIONS: AD WorldStudio @adworldstudio

ART DIRECTOR AND SYLIST: Desirée Espinosa. @desireeespinosa_dh

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alberto Zaldívar. @albertozaldivar

FASHION FILMS: Fran Afán. @afanfilms

PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT: Anthony Dalorcon @anthonydalarcon

MAKE UP ARTIST Alberto Pastrana. @albertopastranaa

HAIR STYLE: Mª Paz Velarde. @paz_velarde

MODELS: Ara Jurado @arajuradocalero – Dame Ndiaye @dame161

STYLIST ASSISTANT: Amanda Guzmán. @imagen_amandage

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT : Irene Ayuso. @irene_makeup_


RAFAEL URQUIZAR @rafaelurquizar

MATILDE CANO @matildecano

BY LOLEIRO @byloleiro

BAMBAI @bambai_official

SLOW CLOTHES. @slowclothes