Billie Eilish, the beginning of a great phenomenon.

By: Francesca Rossati

The revelation of the last few years: with amazing potential and sonic talent. Billie Eilish as a true insider is the novelty, starting from the construction of her music; while the other pop stars grow up with the help of producers, musicians, authors .. Billie writes and produces each of her songs, with the only help of her brother Finneas, who plays with her during every concert.

Videoclip Bad guy

Since his first approaches to the music market he has not missed a beat, he has achieved several awards and records on an international scale that amazed everyone.

Thanks to the “generation Z”, of which she immediately became their idol and point of inspiration, she managed to persuade and get applause and admiration from all over the world. With Bad guy, the best-selling song during 2019, the artist is represented at best: an amazing commercial success, which has obtained millions of plays, with refined, innovative tones and incomparable to everything that is present on the market today.

Coachella 2019

The triumph of his music is paradoxical given its particularity, but which then becomes a commercial product par excellence.

Even his background would seem the most current of recent times; she debuts at fourteen (in 2015) and became a mass phenomenon thanks to her peers who began to love her through the culture of the internet.

Billie Eilish Experience presented by Spotify 2019

The link between social media and music finally becomes the beginning for a great development.

The artist does not seek perfection and does not chase commercial appearances, but rides a new wave, created entirely by himself.

This is Billie: music and image that are not afraid to take risks.

ACL music festival 2019

Her style is multiple and transversal, it is impossible not to identify her among the crowd.

It exudes streetwear, accompanied by 90s inspirations that wink at hip hop. She is a lover of colorful and monograms, everything that is ostentation and logo is hers, but only those who have observed her deeply will understand that hers is a real provocation towards a world that is a little too standardized. Her message is very clear and she demonstrates it by going against her peers who need to show a more “naked” side of their personality.

AMAs 2019

His strong image, which is not afraid to show uniqueness, with multiple contaminations in style and risky mixes, has a heterogeneous and varied audience that has more than 65 million followers on instagram.

Her long, always different and colored hair and her goggle and melancholy gaze do not hide from what is real, but speak of a person and a character really close to us, with imperfections to show and no secrets.

BRIT awards 2020

Billie Eilish uses fashion as a means of expression while denying aesthetic canons, and becomes the voice for this generation that needs a decisive detachment from all current beauty ideals. It is confirmation for young people who are looking for their own personality and a more representative style.

Precisely because it does not want to belong or conform it does not even give in to the strong need for continuous provocation, but naturally represents a gender fluid image.

Oscar 2020 Red carpet

Billie for the music market and the stage is out of any aesthetic, commercial and social framework and standard.

But who defines these standards?

The public that tries to look like her more and more and already loves her madly?

Aware or not, his is a far-sighted intuition.

Vanity fair Oscar’s After party 2020 con suo fratello Finneas
Grammy awards 2020
Universal Grammys after party 2020