Antivirus Masks: the new trend of the moment

It would seem that the well-known piece of cloth was already in the air for some time; While we walked around with our faces still uncovered, Gucci at the last Grammys gagged the mouth of singer-songwriter Billie Eilish with a monogram veil. Marine Serre, already last September, was showing spring outfits complete with goggles and Maison Margiela expected a well shielded autumn. Reflecting on the devastating effect on the environment that disposable masks can be defined as not only a discovery, but an essential street accessory to wear with pleasure.

Marine Serre P/E 2020

Billie Eilish, at the triumph of the Grammy Awards 2020, attracted the attention of the whole world not only for the 5 awards brought home, but also for the total Gucci look characterized by her crucial accessory. The goggle created specifically by Alessandro Michele built the outfit down to the smallest detail for the superstar.

It took very little for Billie’s photos to go around the world.

Billie Eilish ai Grammy awards 2020

In just 24 hours, demand for face masks increased by 42%, while Google searches increased by 200%.

It is precisely in times of crisis that companies and production activities find themselves responding to change, satisfying 100% the new consumer demand. The fashion system, particularly trained to these requests, and accustomed for decades, especially since the birth of the fast-fashion phenomenon, responds promptly to the latest seasonal trends and immediately defines new ones. And this is how the brands seem to have given way to a creative challenge in the face of the latest trend.

Maison Margiela A/I 2020

How many have been able to satisfy the need to protect themselves even for a personal touch and super trend?

Among the latest ideas, the “Rotta Di Collo” shirt stands out, the result of the creativity of Lorena Fantozzi’s Parafioriti Confezioni & Co. tailoring. The company boasts twenty years of experience in the fashion sector, collaborating with some of the major Italian fashion houses. Following the COVID-19 emergency, the production system underwent a change and the new corporate mission was to combine the quality of Made in Italy tailoring with the need for a mask as a means of protection. The shirt features a hidden mask under the collar that can easily be unhooked, opened and worn.

The garment has a series of advantages, the first of which is the aesthetic factor: the organic cotton mask perfectly matches the shirt’s pattern.

Progetto “Rotta di collo” Parafioriti confezioni & Co. – Rotta di collo

Comfort characterizes this new launch: the buttons of the shirt collar act as a hook for the means of protection, thus avoiding putting it in the bag or around the arm, where it is often forgotten.

Speaking of transforming masks, the “Vattinn ‘” project, the first tie that turns into a mask, is worth mentioning. The safety tie, born from the ingenuity of the Neapolitan company Ulturale, features a mask at the tail that can be opened and worn. What distinguishes Vattinn is the workmanship: the tie has in fact undergone an antibacterial process with silver ions, which guarantees a “100% pristine” fabric. The accessory is available in three different color variants and on sale on the company website.

Progetto “vattinn” di ulturale – “Vattinn” di ulturale 

If we break away from the more niche and Italian brands, the examples of the fashion system approaching this essential accessory are many.

Burberry offers its goggle in the iconic and historic check, also in a blue variant, characterized by antimicrobial technology. A percentage of Burberry masks sales go to the Burberry Foundation COVID – 19 community fund managed by The Burberry Foundation, which continues to provide PPE, as well as assist food banks and health charities globally.


So, if at the last Grammys Billie Eilish won the favors of the flashes thanks to her customized Gucci mask, even the divine Angelina Jolie has revealed that she has succumbed to the charm of an Off-White logoed mask to complete her total black look.

And finally Salvatore Vignola, who in collaboration with the couture hat brand Ilariusss, created a mask studded with Swarovski exclusively for M ¥ SS KETA, the artist who has been relaunching this accessory for years (since 2013) making it an indispensable must and making it protagonist of every outfit.

Masks of all kinds, from the most personal to the most posh, from the glamorous to the minimal, this year she is the favorite accessory of the stars.

And which mask will our favorite style icon choose?