The shoot was inspired by ballerinas – these gracious figures who go for the extremes of things; for the most rigorous workout regimen, elongated postures and perfected turns.

Her world is filled with elegance, splendour, grandeur.

She’s surrounded by the finer things in life.

Yet, she’s tired. Her life has become too predictable, her movements too controlled.

There is the other side to her too, the wild, untamed, rebellious side. She can feel it calling her.

This is her quest to dive into the subconscious, to connect with the undomesticated parts of herself.

Creative Director: Oona Österman @0onaamanda & Mira Nenonen @mmiranen 

Photographer: Oona Österman @0onaamanda

Model: Mira Nenonen @mmiranen

Makeup and hair: Mira Nenonen @mmiranen

Swan Queen top: Anni Ruuth @anniruuthofficial

Giselle silk blouse: Anni Ruuth @anniruuthofficial