“Everything you can imagine is real“ – Pablo Picasso

Shooting Orchids in the middle of a Pandemic was our kind of soul getaway. It was the need of our creative mind to escape the madness of the current situation and to be at a place where our imagination was fully free – the beach.

However shooting Orchids also had a more complex meaning for us. The world is not just black and white – it is a colourful beautiful world. No matter how hard the situation is.

Orchids as a fashion editorial stands for creativity, Haute Couture paired with the freedom of the ocean and minimalism. An Haute Couture gown does not need a perfectly set up stage in order to be breath-taking. Haute Couture is the highest form of fashion.

Styling this editorial meant to put the focus on the dresses by Fatima Halwani. To show how delicate and beautiful fashion can be. We had the vision of Orchids in mind long before we shot the editorial. Using mirrors to portray how we felt the editorial would look was an essential part of this project. We had a vision – an imagination and that vision became real. Orchids was shot in the Netherlands during some blissful June days. Orchids was created to let you dive into a colourful, delicate world of high fashion.

Photographer: Viviana Galletta @viviana.galletta

Styling: Malia Keana @maliakeana 

Models: Sonia Linn Kirsch @linsonja & Miriam M. @maliakeana

Make-Up: Viviana G. (@galletta.makeup)

Designer Fatima Halwani @fatima.halwani.couture

Dress: H&M by: Giambattista Valli @giambattistavelliparis 

Designer Fatima Halwani @fatima.halwani.couture