Lady Di-or of Lady Di-ana

By Rebecca Bertotto

Like any strong and independent woman, Diana Spencer, had a “handbag of the heart“, which she treated as her best friend.

Lady Dior, is initially christened with the name of “Chouchou” and looks like a small and squared model, with rigid and rounded handles and a seam that forms particular motifs. But what differentiates it from any other bag, are definitely the charms that form the word “Dior”.

Despite its small size, it knows how to be noticed and above all it knows how to be remembered.

The name “Lady Dior” was given on September 25, 1995, in Paris, when Bernardette Chirac, during the opening of an exhibition, gave Diana this little accessory that later became one of her favorites.

Lady Dior has been reinvented over the years, reaching the current model that Maria Grazia Chiuri, creative director of Dior since 2016, has designed for contemporary women.

Christened “Lady D-Lite“, the new SS2020 bag is a model completely embroidered with 3D Cannage motif (motif that reproduces the workmanship of a French armchair), charms jewelry as usual and the signature Christian Dior on the front.

As always, a guarantee by Dior.