Kristina & Ana by Delphine Dobbelaere

Photographer : Delphine Dobbelaere  @somewhereisalwayshome    ///    
model : Kristina Melnikova  @melnikovakristina   ///   
model : Anastasia Yakhnina  @ayakhnina    ///

MUA : Flora Dickie  @floradickie_makeup   ///

Stylist  Remy Bernhardt @remybernhardt ///

Delphine story : “I get homesick for places that aren’t my home. That’s how it all begun a long time ago. That itchy feeling for adventure and those dreams of stranger worlds got me back in Bali for the second time. There is something magical about that place, it’s hard to describe, something you can only feel when you are there. I wanted to capture it and take it with me. I let them lead and simply followed their movements rolling free. I just love how I am whole alone, and overflowing when I’m with my camera and the most beautifully kind people all around the world. I usually never visit the same place more than once, but I am sure I will be back here again,
and again…”