Louis Vuitton : Speedy for Haudrey Hepburn

By Rebecca Bertotto

It has all the characteristics to be “The Bag” among the bags, but what is its history? The Speedy, or more commonly the “trunk bag” was born in the 1930s and initially a reduced version of the bag Keepall, the first LV signed bag, which it is used as a suitcase. Express , his first name, is changed to Speedy to underline the new way of travel faster and faster than society.

Used by both refined women and elegant men, it reaches the peak of happened in the 60s, when it became the travel bag par excellence. In 1965 Haudrey Hepburn fell in love with him and requires a slightly smaller customized version, so that it fits perfectly with his figure minute: this is how the Speedy 25 was born. Studied in detail, like any other LV must have, it is appreciated from women of all ages and social classes, thus remaining on the market up to conquering most women of all the world.