Jacquemus bags: size doesn’t matter


Small but iconic, the bag that every woman wants in her wardrobe.

A must have of French fashion, made famous by the American “Ladies”, naturally becomes a “whim”

for every woman and has been landing in Italy for some months.

Little capacious because of the very small ones

size, but in terms of style … a guarantee! Colorful and with particular patterns, Jacquemus

bag has conquered all. Work of the heartbreaker Simon Porte Jacquemus, to whom minimalism

in fashion it has always belonged, not for a studied concept but for necessity, given the scarce foundations

economic with which the eighteen year old French launched his first collections.

In short, the mouth

of the truth, which has revealed two secrets: not only that size does not matter, but also that,

it doesn’t take capital to make a woman happy.

Be Bold, Be Daring


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