Bauhaus spirit

Raw geometric shapes, simplicity and elegance are the foundations of the “Bauhaus Spirit” project. The idea of the Bauhaus has spread around the world and is always alive : brightness, clarity, functionality, air, light, space, proportions, cleanliness, peace… Leonardo da Vinci said that simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication. This project confirms these words. Photography: […]

Elegance by the sea on a winter day

PHOTOGRAPHER: Andrea Schallschmidt @schallschmidt_photographer_ MODEL: Julia Annsofie @julia_annsofie MAKE UP ARTIST: Francesca Sturaro @francesca_sturaro_makeupartist STYLIST: Giulia Zaminato @giulia.9438 CLOTHING BY: Porto di Mare @portodimare_outlet CO-ASSISTENT: Francesco Alberti @francesco_alberti_


By: Karine Patricola Fashion designer: Andrea Sedici Andrea Sedici is a collection of dresses designed and made entirely in Italy, with fabrics and unique elements personally chosen by the designer. Wedding dresses that speak of him, the beauty his ideas and his soul. Creations made entirely by hand and that smell of authentic craftsmanship.They are […]


By: Stefania Ponchione The 2020 was a particular year as it was a year that we lived but did not really live it. We revolutionized our life and we must many sacrifices and renounces.  The fashion industry was also need to change the way it worked.  What have been real changes for this sector?  In […]


A spark of mutual appreciation and admiration for each other’s creations, soon developed into a vision of a photo series combining the perspectives of BANG BANG BLOOM, Lisa Leuchtmann and Studio Jiro.Their common preference of colors, opposing materials, fluid forms and a process, which allows development `to go with the flow` and responds to a […]

Bye-Bye, 2020

Maria has a vivid colourful soul with an energic personality full of  joy and kindness. From the moment I met her, I knew that I wanted to shoot something special with her and few years later, the magic happened. This editorial is a expression of gratitude and excitement for being alive and healthy in such […]


Roberto Guarducci has a long and brilliant career to his credit.  Tuscan by birth, he has a very respectable curriculum vitae in the field of fashion. After attending many fashion houses between Rome and Milan, he acquired considerable experience in the sector by experimenting his creative skills within very important companies of the caliber of Basile and Luciano Soprani to later land […]

The Silk Road. Day and night.

The Silk Road, a long road stretching thousands of kilometers in space and hundreds of years in time. Sand dunes, disappearing mirages, rocky mountains, beautiful oases, bazaars, camel caravans, and most importantly, the meeting of civilizations and cultures, the acquaintance of East and West. The Great Silk Road, for the first time in the history […]


She is a participant in a TV program from Ukraine, a country that is a bit homophobic, but she fearlessly came to appear to be able to fight for her award as a modeI believe in her, because she represents us. In it I have seen a woman with Hispanic features. And I believed in […]

Citrus Coast

We set out from her bungalow with a trunk full of clothing and some props I quickly foraged. Letting the sun and grooves guide, we found ourselves in an abandoned orange orchard next to the train tracks.  Succulent citrus shone like jewels on the green grass; we took our shoes off.  I tied up white […]