“Le soleil Blanc”

Inspired by the azure coast and incredible sun, graceful women and alluring men. Photo by Yanina Kaufman  (@yaninaphoto / @yanina_kiss) Stylist : Yulia Moatti   Hair and make up stylist : Olga Lozitskaya  female model : Elizaveta  male model : Remy Jobert  follow Yanina on Instagram

“Sharlena, Belle De Jour”

Photos by Dinneen Photography @DinneenPhotographyModel Sharlena Hassani @sharlenahassaniMakeup by Hendra@makeupbyhendra Christian Dior vintage night time apparel lingerie Christian Dior vintage night time apparel lingerie SHEIN Lingerie SHEIN Lingerie SHEIN Lingerie white top and casual white pants by Naked Wardrobe white lingerie by Trashy Lingerie white lingerie by Trashy Lingerie red corset by Fashion Nova red […]

Kristina & Ana by Delphine Dobbelaere

Photographer : Delphine Dobbelaere  @somewhereisalwayshome    ///     model : Kristina Melnikova  @melnikovakristina   ///    model : Anastasia Yakhnina  @ayakhnina    /// MUA : Flora Dickie  @floradickie_makeup   /// Stylist  Remy Bernhardt @remybernhardt /// Delphine story : “I get homesick for places that aren’t my home. That’s how it all begun a long time ago. That itchy feeling […]


By Angelina Kali International fashion model, Journalist, TV Reporter and Social Media Influencer The digital revolution is truly upon us. In recent months, the growth in online spending has accelerated greatly. As more and more people are shopping online, communicating via social media and even online dating is now socially acceptable whereas it was sniggered […]

Bottega Veneta: Padded & “The Pouch”

By Rebecca Bertotto The “Perfect combo 2020” seems to be the “Padded & The Pouch” sandals by Bottega Veneta the iconic Italian brand born in late 1960s.  Famous for its leather products, Vicenza-based fashion brand make people talk about its own new Padded sandals, now very popular and international, in hand-woven leather. But the soft […]

Ainsley Ross

Ainsley Ross is an actress, author, singer-songwriter, model, influencer, director, and extreme martial artist. Originally from a small town of 800 people in Beckville, TX, Ainsley moved to California to pursue all of her passions!  She enjoys learning and sharing her love of film and writing with the world. Ainsley Ross IN THE BEGINNING: As […]


SUMMERTIME By Marta Jiménez Photographer: Marta Jiménez de los Galanes Doctor   /    Make up artist: Virgina Rodríguez   /   Model: Ximena Sanabria  Stylist & Retouch : Marta Jiménez de los Galanes Doctor   /      Total look Charo Ruiz Total look Charo Ruiz Total look Charo Ruiz Jacket: Valentino; Shorts: Charo Ruiz; High heles: Jimmy […]

South by Southeast

Photo by Bastian Traunfellner   /// Style by Nicole Hannay /// makeup/ hair by Julia Koop (shine-agentur.de) /// model : Antonia form Vivienne Models Dress Fabienne Chapot; earrings: Vintage Blouse: Karen by Simonsen; Skirt: Ten Feet; Gloves: Roeckl; Hat: And other stories; Boots: Konstantin Starke Sunglasses: Christian Lacroix Vintage Faux Fur Jacke: Ten Feet Jumper: […]

Per le vie di Roma

Walking around Rome with no destination let you discover alway amazing places because every corner in this city is wonderful. You can’t avoid to fall in love with this beautiful city. There is something else that make people fall in love in Rome, specially tourist girls, are Italian men, with their classy style always dressed […]