The Silk Road. Day and night.

The Silk Road, a long road stretching thousands of kilometers in space and hundreds of years in time. Sand dunes, disappearing mirages, rocky mountains, beautiful oases, bazaars, camel caravans, and most importantly, the meeting of civilizations and cultures, the acquaintance of East and West. The Great Silk Road, for the first time in the history […]


She is a participant in a TV program from Ukraine, a country that is a bit homophobic, but she fearlessly came to appear to be able to fight for her award as a modeI believe in her, because she represents us. In it I have seen a woman with Hispanic features. And I believed in […]

Citrus Coast

We set out from her bungalow with a trunk full of clothing and some props I quickly foraged. Letting the sun and grooves guide, we found ourselves in an abandoned orange orchard next to the train tracks.  Succulent citrus shone like jewels on the green grass; we took our shoes off.  I tied up white […]

It’s iconic: Teddy coat

By: Francesca Rossati Red or pink, blue or powder blue, in tartan, houndstooth or two-tone .. what’s the trend of winter? The Teddy Coat !!! Wraps, keeps warm and completes outfits.The name to pay homage to and that wins the credit is Max Mara, the brand in 2013 decided to present it on the catwalk […]



Gucci GG

By: Francesca Ruzzola The Gucci GG belt Is for sure the belt of the moment! Now on the crest of the wave for some seasons, it seems that it won’t go out of style for quite some times! Worn by major influencers, it’s by now searched by everyone.It could be worn in everyway: simple and […]

Just You, Just Me

Strongly empathetic – empathetically strong Two sides of a story. A harmony of opposites. Each and every image symbolizes its own story, its own vibe, its own feeling between strength and tenderness. Together they build an unique interaction of contrasts, including a modern elegance and unconventional but strong performance. Photographer: ALEKSANDAR KONCAR Styling: ROMINA PASCALE […]


Creative Directors: Stephanie Hensley and Yanni De Melo Photographer: Yanni De Melo – @yannidemelophoto Fashion Stylist: Stephanie Hensley – @stephaniehensleystyle Model: Christina Peng – @christinazpeng Hair and Make Up: Gina Mancini – @manciniartistry Location: HGAB Studios, Miami, FL  STOVEPIPE HAT: STEPHANIE HENSLEY TULLE STRAPLESS DRESS: SYLVIE MÜLLER HEELS: LOUISE ET CIE FLORAL UNDERBRIM HAT: ERDEM […]


¨Anagram¨ is a metaphor of the identity game that we, users of the digitalized era, play daily on social media platforms and real life scenarios. Observational Learning, seeing what happens to a certain model behavior and applying it to real life, is what humans are driven to do by birth, and fashion doesn’t escape it. […]


Photography: Aleksandra Modrzejewska @aleksandramphoto Fashion: Lucy Proctor @lula_styling Modelling: Nicolle Santiago @ch.nic Model: Team Scotland @modelteamscotland Dress: Yuuuuu Gong @yuuuuugong Trousers by Yuuuuu Gong @yuuuuugong top by KEZIAH @shopkeziah Top by KEZIAH @shopkezia Top by KEZIAH, Sleeves by Youuuuu Gong, Skirt by Tugcan Dokmen @shopkeziah @youuuuugong @tugcandokmen Dress by Jona Holmqvist @jonasholmqvist_ Top by Azura […]